April 1

AN-0200 -Your-Privacy-Congress-The-Internet

We started off the evening with a CASAA update.

Then began talking about Qualified Immunity.

It's a dangerous precedent to set when cops can do anything and everything an innocent civilian does is criminal.

Then we moved right along to the DEA and civil asset forfeiture.

And then onto tonight's biggest topic and draw what Congress did by selling out your privacy protections to ISP‘s.

And since the topic is about what they will do what about what they are already planning to do?

But what about what you can do to confuse the issue?

Since the government refuses to protect you what can you do to protect yourself?

A few words on TOR.

And assorted tidbits like this gem from Virginia.

A bit on a book I really enjoyed recently The Writer with No Hands,

A bit on the riot vehicle causing a stir.

Windows Ten destroys people's computers lawsuit says.


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