April 22


Tonight we started with a CASAA update.

Then we moved onto a small bit of chatting about the Korean threat to California.

And then right on to the problems Canada has been having with Stingray surveillance.

The problems are far more numerous than you might think.

We kept on the same topic and the same place,Canada but this time we moved onto the airport.

You would not be surprised to learn we are still on the Canada topic here.

This one is on Canada and the police.

There is a real psychological impact on how we interact with the world and each other when the topic of surveillance is raised.

I talked a bit about Snowden and all the others involved in leaking the documents we are now so damn familiar with.

This sort of thing might not seem like big news and in so many ways it really isn't because we are so exposed to it.

In fact you have to wonder if we are overexposed to the topic.

I talked a bit off but on topic about the capabilities the government actually has,the surveillance community actually has to watch us and why I feel the fear of the federal government might be far more misplaced than the fear of the local police.

And what really is there we can do about all of this when the local police now have the same sorts of technology the surveillance community regularly uses?

I have never been an advocate for government in any way shape or form but it does really seem as though perhaps our only option is to lobby the local governments for protection from this.

It's a gross fourth amendment violation. 

And in the end we discuss the problems with connecting to 911 when an IMSI catcher is in use.


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