June 19

AN-0210-Big Data-Dystopian-Nightmare-Or Our New-Reality

We started off the evening with the traditional CASAA update.

The real fun began when we started dissecting big data.

Since the inception of collecting statistics we have started an era of tracking,epidemiologists use it to spot emerging diseases,governments to track benefits given to residents and large businesses to spot what is going to be a hot new product.

None of these things sounds creepy by itself but it changes when you shift your focus just a tiny bit everything changes.

Instead of looking at one thing head on we soften the lens and pull the camera back more and more until disturbing things come into focus.

the reality of how interconnected we are,how wrapped in the web of computers,phones,credit and debit cards and ubiquitous tracking programs is a state of the world today and it's not a very pleasant one.

But what is perhaps more disturbing is when all that data is tracked and somehow used against you,against your beliefs,your emotions and your logic and reason.

At some point you have to wonder with all of this information spread willingly by us are we giving up control of our lives and what exactly are we giving it to?

When an entire society loses control, over it's information,it's privacy,it's core structure of what it means to be human what then?

Who in this society watches the watchmen?

In this new society where information is currency what happens to the workers,to the precious privacy rights we so cherish?

We look at places that have had digital disruptions on a massive scale and think well at least it's not us,but it is us. Through the web if not the very laws of physics we are all connected now.

With all this data flowing through all the connected computers you just had to know A.I. would be involved,it learns everything from us.

When big data and A.I. meet,they mesh and become something greater than themselves but what do we become?


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Posted June 19, 2017 by AntiNanny in category "News

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