June 25


The first hour was the CASAA podcast.

Tonight's Anti-Nanny portion of the program was full of stories about the government and it's differing agencies “protecting you”

The loss of all our privacy to the Surveillance Industrial Complex is just a side effect of all that comes next.

The first thing we touched on was the recent appearence by Edward Snowdon on Ron Paul's Liberty Report.I recommend watching the entire thing because he and Ron touched upon the Deep State giving it a real definition and a way to understand the things and decisions shaping our world today.

The reason why I mention the Deep State is because in my humble opinion those are the forces driving the goverenment/buisness surveillance of people in every country today.

What the government can't surveil easily they attempt to get companies to backdoor for them.

But once we shine some light in the dark places it looks as though at least some corporations are attemtping to help people protect themselves from the mass intrusion into the privacy and security of their computers and routers.

But as time has proven when you allow mission creep calling for security you somehow become even less secure, an excellent example is the recent facial recognition programs at airports.

As time goes on with things like the Wikileaks we start to hear more and more about the programs and computer manipulations by the CIA,FBI and NSA to name a few.

Those manipulations tell us nothing is scared or private up to and including your emails.

Many people don't feel as though the government is helping them or that the laws are upheld so they have no faith in anyone.I can't blame them for that but the ACLU is attempting to find out how so many of these things are allowed and that has to be hard work.

And although we focuse almost exclusively on America here it's far from the only country with the spying problem.Take Germany for instance what's happening there right now is horrifying.

I mentioned the ACLU before and their work to uncover various surveillance techniques by government but they are far from the only ones doing this work.EPIC is doing very good work to uncover many similar issues too.

At times the courts are making really good decisions to protect our rights.

A question before them now concerns the privacy of our data.

All this talk of the federal government surveilling us doesn't address the same issue with the local police but maybe we should.

We can cry and moan complain or meekly accept our fate to be watched or we can band together and make a noise loud enough that it can never be ignored.

In the end the decision really is ours.


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