July 3

AN-0212 Privacy-Good-Service- Liberty or Right?

Friday evening we started off with a focused lens on what privacy really is.

To start off we had the CASAA update and then got right into the thick of things.

We've talked quite often on this show about the little losses of liberty that happen daily,constant video and audio surveillance,facial recognition,traffic shaping and yet nothing quite gets to the heart of it.

But some things do come close to the heart of things for instance the TSA wanting to look at what books you're reading.

We did swing wildly off topic and cover the problems in Portland's water supply because it's a real problem and people deserve to know about it so they can take steps to protect themselves.

Once we covered the idea that there's something in the water we dove right into the working plan Australia has to ban working cryptography for the five eyes nations.

Then we got right into the heart of the problem if you value your privacy what is it worth to you and not just to you but to the telecom conglomerates who want to charge you heinous ammounts of money to”protect” it.

And then we chatted a bit about the employee who took some smart meters offline.

I  got pretty shocked over this WANANCRY story as well.

One topic I have always found interesting is the right to be forgotten.It's my inderstanding that it;s codified into their data protection laws. The reason I bring that up is the reputation fixers we have in America. They do a very unusual job in so many at times unethical and illegal ways.

But if you act badly do you have the right to be forgotten online?

And what about other countries what rights do they have when it comes to money and privacy?

We talked a bit about the ELSA vulnerability and the  CIA

But the endiing which just made me very sad was about why none of us are able to prove we've been spied upon by the NSA/



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