July 24


Tonight we started with our CASAA update as usual.

But to begin we talked a bit about artistic folks and mental illness.

Not the most fun of topics but it seemed like it was germaine to the week as we had experienced it.

Then we moved right onto fish,no not fishing or catfishing as it were but the simplistic hacking of a fishtank which was vulnerable and the inherent weaknesses involved with connecting absolutely everything to the internet of things.

Then we discussed our old friend Elon Musk and his plan to get governors to preregulate artifical intelligence before it's too late.

To add to the robot weirdness this week we talked a bit about robots,chatbots and how you can or can't always tell who or what is human anymore.

Verey recommends this program to check and see if a five star review is real.

And then we started dissecting what happens when your face is scanned at the airport.

To take it in an entirely newer and creepier direction we talked about the army and the internet of things.

Then we dug deep into the Alpha Bay and Hansa takedown.

And we went onto discuss  the story of Alf Goransson.

And we ended by discussing the Deep State.


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