August 6


After the CASAA update we started with more than one story about how the justice system in America works.

It's not really a shock that things in this country are shifting rapidly.

People no longer feel that they will get a fair shake from the justice system and that's probably no exaggeration.

People fear calling the police as they keep shooting dogs,sometimes cats and kittens and on occasion even a pig.

That is the nature of the world we seem to be living in.

Once we stopped teaching people civics in high school they lost all understanding of their rights and in essence if you don't know your rights you no longer have any rights.

Honestly the suprising part at least for many of us is this ,the police are militarized in part  by the 1033 provision that Obama tried to close after public uproar.

Parts relating to this that I didn't discuss include the legal decision limiting the intelligence of potential police officers.

And part of this also includes things like this.

And after dissecting all that we ended up right back where we always seem to end up.

We talked a bit about vote machine hacking.

The problem with not hacking the machines is the problems are in the dark where apparently our politicans and other elected officals seem content to keep it.

If you never shine a light on the problem you can be free to pretend that everything is fine and everyone is deliriously happy.

And a bit about snoopers charters,encryption and the lack of transparency in the process of ensuring online encounters are safe.

A little about this video.

A whole lot about the dangers of overlong terms of service.

And we ended with Google's connecting your online shopping with your real life shopping and the privacy issues we face with that.

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