August 12

AN-0215-The disruptive wave of A.I. on the jobs market

We starrted as usual with the CASAA update and moved right into A.I. and robotics.

What is becoming abundently clear is A.I. is moving right into workplaces,sometimes with the unusual like robotics or sometimes with computer programming taking over tasks previsously done by humans.

The effects can be disiorenting and it sometimes looks like a distopia out there.

Part of the larger picture of something I call Dark Futurology is what happens when your happy little robot friends know everything about you?

Can your privacy ever be assured even in your own home?

When we look closely at what the job market looks like even twenty five years from now what we begin to see is something that is ultimately distructive to the market as we know it.

Does humanity become obsolete by what we have created with machine learning,algorythms,big data and robotics?

The disturbing part of all this is that it not only feels unstoppable but merciless as though there is no way to end what's coming.

We look into the heart of the machines and we build them but when they look at us what does the facial recognition see? Does that change how we interact,how we are seen by others,how humanity will treat other humans?

I know I may seem alarmist but what about the people who create these things,how do they feel?

I say it's a distopia because it really is but just how seriously should we take the insane things we see happening because in many ways they are funny but the effects could seriously effect our future.

But there are some good things coming from A.I. and they are literally at your home improvement store.

Part of the weirdness is from our need to connect to each other. Because we do need to connect and yet so few people want to leave their home.

When the people who are using A.I. to understand and cater to us can't even agree on if this is a dangerous trend or not who do we believe?

So what is the future really is it Blade Runner or something ….else?


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Posted August 12, 2017 by AntiNanny in category "News

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