September 28


Back fresh from the post Irma imposed hiatus.

Although we began as usual with the CASAA update; we quickly moved onto a story about how political beliefs affect your brain, and why differing political beliefs may be so hard to change.

An interesting sort of thought I had on all of the recent news was that we have such outrage over first ammendment protected speech in sports while we have people with no earthly idea that American citizens in Puerto Rico were now  in some cases both homeless and without power. The story in brief does little justice but you should see the pictures for a sense of scope. Nobody does shock and awe like mother nature.

Then Verey,Margo and I began to talk about the absolute mess the interconnected home is for keeping your private life private,with metadata alone more can be gleaned from the traffic from your devices than you would think.

Then we moved right along to the War On Drugs,the first was just the beginning of many stories tonight but most told of this from different viewpoints.

The second story was devistating and put the first story in a different type of light.

Of all the unintended consequences of this I was incredulous that the government thought they understood your pain better than you or your doctor.

On an odd aside we talked about hacked medical devices  and the danger they pose to patients.

From there we talked a bit about Neuralink

Our last story before we went full on ooh shiny moments was a story about the EU and their copryright infringement study.


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