October 16


After pur usual Casaa Update we moved right into the action.

Since Verey is from the U.K. and I am from the U.S. it's interesting to me that we discuss the differences and differing thoughts both governments seem to have about  cyber attacks,privacy and surveillance.

I know it's something we discuss often but it's still nice to get a U.K. point of view.

And then we doscussed why we dislike skype and whatr it is doing in conjunction with Cortanna to “help” you by making your life eaiser.

But you have to wonder is it really easier or just less digitally secure?

Because Very has coded and I have not we talked about the upcomming software appocalypse.

If you own your data shouldn' t you be informed of a breach?

And what would a rogue NSA realy look like? Is is Snwden and colligues or is it something else?

Only time will tell.

The internet and the death of privacy.

A bit on the U.K. home secretary.

In news from Down Under we learned of a bit of an issue.

Does more surveillance really make us safer?


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