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October 8

AN-0218-Drones-Propaganda-Politics-Police State

We started with a CASAA update then moved right onto a true Anti-Nanny state story about drunken canoing being equated with drunk operation of motor vehicles.

And while there may be times when this is appropriate what Canada has done tying it in with a loss of a motor vehicle license is not always appropriate.

Verey and I then moved on to a topic near and dear to my heart,not because I love it but because I despise it and what it can do to us as a society. The idea that fully annonomized data can track us no matter what is scary and I believe most people are not aware of the connections that can be drawn by simple data points.

I am really saddened by the new electronic police state and how it affects innocent people at the border,nothing to hide = nothing to fear is the exact wrong idea to have in my opinion.

Then we moved onto a topic I am sure would have made Jeannie sad,I know it did me. The people of  Newton Massachusettes now have no protection from the prying eyes of drones.

I decided we needed to talk about Hitlary Clinton and her book a bit. Since she is now an author I guess she thinks she is fit to critique classic literature now,however most people myself disagree with her interpertation of 1984. But then again propaganda is in the eye of the beholder I guess.

Then Verey and I talked seriously about the problems with the justice system in Colorado.

I discussed the troubling trend for the DOJ to demand information about protestors from Facebook. You have the absolute right to protest publicly and you should not be browbeaten for your political beliefs.

A U.S. telecom's screw up endangers people without the ability to use normal 911 service.

I read a story I found fascinating about how our data runs the internet. What do you think your data is worth?

The last story we focused on was the way we overmonitor our children.

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January 7

AN 0189 Counter Propaganda

Had a bit of a talk about my disappearance from pod casting.

Chatted about things people can do to help make their passing less stressful and financially taxing for their loved ones and included some ideas for thing you can buy such as  a book to help your loved ones understand your final wishes and other things.

Discussed wills and how you can DIY your own.

Then with Jeannie and Verey we began talking about the serious problem of whistle blower retaliation and why the federal government uses outside contractors to do much of their intelligence work.

The next topic was as usual for us anyway fake news. That was a good spring board for the next two topcis which were about the NDAA 2017 and the government's funding of a “counter propaganda office”.

This of course lead to the discussion of Australia's news media Priesthood.

In yet more unsubstantiated news from the Washington Post we covered the Russian “hacking” of a Vermont utility company.

When Jeannie left we talked about the chicken virus that causes obesity.

And the potential of H7N2 to jump species and the issues it could cause.

The potential to be prosecuted for DWC (Driving while caffeinated) was discussed.

And we talked a bit about MMJ and driving while using it in Arizona.

Buckyballs and like magnets and their court victory against the CPSC

Last but not least we talked a bit about the IOT and the digital panopticon.

I predicted that people would opt out because of stuff like the recent ransom ware attack on a smart T.V.


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