August 18


After the CASAA update we discussed the state of economics,privacy and jobs?

Is it our world or have we been displaced by the machines?

Will we be chipped,tracked and located no matter what we do? Does the chip take the place of money?

What makes a governmental agency make a deal for exploits from the worst of the worst?

And you have to wonder if everything is just code how hard will it be to hack our DNA?

We like convience,enough to sign away our souls,firstborn and our privacy for ease of use so what really happens to our information and do we even care?

But against all odds there are people who want to be connected to the internet and to their friends but still value privacy:that being said,how easy is it to watch the watchers?

A man in Calgary gets the suprise of his life from companies opposed to his apps question him for an unbelieveable number of hours.

Is it possible to be addicted to the internet,to gaming,to social media? And if it is who's responsibility to say when? Is it the government's or the parent's job?

When the government makes a law sometimes the consequences are unintended.

Since we already know people like easy can they survive the technology we have now?

In the first wave the blue collar worker loses his job,what happens with the second wave?

And what does the third wave look like?


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