October 16


After pur usual Casaa Update we moved right into the action.

Since Verey is from the U.K. and I am from the U.S. it's interesting to me that we discuss the differences and differing thoughts both governments seem to have about  cyber attacks,privacy and surveillance.

I know it's something we discuss often but it's still nice to get a U.K. point of view.

And then we doscussed why we dislike skype and whatr it is doing in conjunction with Cortanna to “help” you by making your life eaiser.

But you have to wonder is it really easier or just less digitally secure?

Because Very has coded and I have not we talked about the upcomming software appocalypse.

If you own your data shouldn' t you be informed of a breach?

And what would a rogue NSA realy look like? Is is Snwden and colligues or is it something else?

Only time will tell.

The internet and the death of privacy.

A bit on the U.K. home secretary.

In news from Down Under we learned of a bit of an issue.

Does more surveillance really make us safer?


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October 8

AN-0218-Drones-Propaganda-Politics-Police State

We started with a CASAA update then moved right onto a true Anti-Nanny state story about drunken canoing being equated with drunk operation of motor vehicles.

And while there may be times when this is appropriate what Canada has done tying it in with a loss of a motor vehicle license is not always appropriate.

Verey and I then moved on to a topic near and dear to my heart,not because I love it but because I despise it and what it can do to us as a society. The idea that fully annonomized data can track us no matter what is scary and I believe most people are not aware of the connections that can be drawn by simple data points.

I am really saddened by the new electronic police state and how it affects innocent people at the border,nothing to hide = nothing to fear is the exact wrong idea to have in my opinion.

Then we moved onto a topic I am sure would have made Jeannie sad,I know it did me. The people of  Newton Massachusettes now have no protection from the prying eyes of drones.

I decided we needed to talk about Hitlary Clinton and her book a bit. Since she is now an author I guess she thinks she is fit to critique classic literature now,however most people myself disagree with her interpertation of 1984. But then again propaganda is in the eye of the beholder I guess.

Then Verey and I talked seriously about the problems with the justice system in Colorado.

I discussed the troubling trend for the DOJ to demand information about protestors from Facebook. You have the absolute right to protest publicly and you should not be browbeaten for your political beliefs.

A U.S. telecom's screw up endangers people without the ability to use normal 911 service.

I read a story I found fascinating about how our data runs the internet. What do you think your data is worth?

The last story we focused on was the way we overmonitor our children.

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September 28


Back fresh from the post Irma imposed hiatus.

Although we began as usual with the CASAA update; we quickly moved onto a story about how political beliefs affect your brain, and why differing political beliefs may be so hard to change.

An interesting sort of thought I had on all of the recent news was that we have such outrage over first ammendment protected speech in sports while we have people with no earthly idea that American citizens in Puerto Rico were now  in some cases both homeless and without power. The story in brief does little justice but you should see the pictures for a sense of scope. Nobody does shock and awe like mother nature.

Then Verey,Margo and I began to talk about the absolute mess the interconnected home is for keeping your private life private,with metadata alone more can be gleaned from the traffic from your devices than you would think.

Then we moved right along to the War On Drugs,the first was just the beginning of many stories tonight but most told of this from different viewpoints.

The second story was devistating and put the first story in a different type of light.

Of all the unintended consequences of this I was incredulous that the government thought they understood your pain better than you or your doctor.

On an odd aside we talked about hacked medical devices  and the danger they pose to patients.

From there we talked a bit about Neuralink

Our last story before we went full on ooh shiny moments was a story about the EU and their copryright infringement study.


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August 18


After the CASAA update we discussed the state of economics,privacy and jobs?

Is it our world or have we been displaced by the machines?

Will we be chipped,tracked and located no matter what we do? Does the chip take the place of money?

What makes a governmental agency make a deal for exploits from the worst of the worst?

And you have to wonder if everything is just code how hard will it be to hack our DNA?

We like convience,enough to sign away our souls,firstborn and our privacy for ease of use so what really happens to our information and do we even care?

But against all odds there are people who want to be connected to the internet and to their friends but still value privacy:that being said,how easy is it to watch the watchers?

A man in Calgary gets the suprise of his life from companies opposed to his apps question him for an unbelieveable number of hours.

Is it possible to be addicted to the internet,to gaming,to social media? And if it is who's responsibility to say when? Is it the government's or the parent's job?

When the government makes a law sometimes the consequences are unintended.

Since we already know people like easy can they survive the technology we have now?

In the first wave the blue collar worker loses his job,what happens with the second wave?

And what does the third wave look like?


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August 12

AN-0215-The disruptive wave of A.I. on the jobs market

We starrted as usual with the CASAA update and moved right into A.I. and robotics.

What is becoming abundently clear is A.I. is moving right into workplaces,sometimes with the unusual like robotics or sometimes with computer programming taking over tasks previsously done by humans.

The effects can be disiorenting and it sometimes looks like a distopia out there.

Part of the larger picture of something I call Dark Futurology is what happens when your happy little robot friends know everything about you?

Can your privacy ever be assured even in your own home?

When we look closely at what the job market looks like even twenty five years from now what we begin to see is something that is ultimately distructive to the market as we know it.

Does humanity become obsolete by what we have created with machine learning,algorythms,big data and robotics?

The disturbing part of all this is that it not only feels unstoppable but merciless as though there is no way to end what's coming.

We look into the heart of the machines and we build them but when they look at us what does the facial recognition see? Does that change how we interact,how we are seen by others,how humanity will treat other humans?

I know I may seem alarmist but what about the people who create these things,how do they feel?

I say it's a distopia because it really is but just how seriously should we take the insane things we see happening because in many ways they are funny but the effects could seriously effect our future.

But there are some good things coming from A.I. and they are literally at your home improvement store.

Part of the weirdness is from our need to connect to each other. Because we do need to connect and yet so few people want to leave their home.

When the people who are using A.I. to understand and cater to us can't even agree on if this is a dangerous trend or not who do we believe?

So what is the future really is it Blade Runner or something ….else?


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August 6


After the CASAA update we started with more than one story about how the justice system in America works.

It's not really a shock that things in this country are shifting rapidly.

People no longer feel that they will get a fair shake from the justice system and that's probably no exaggeration.

People fear calling the police as they keep shooting dogs,sometimes cats and kittens and on occasion even a pig.

That is the nature of the world we seem to be living in.

Once we stopped teaching people civics in high school they lost all understanding of their rights and in essence if you don't know your rights you no longer have any rights.

Honestly the suprising part at least for many of us is this ,the police are militarized in part  by the 1033 provision that Obama tried to close after public uproar.

Parts relating to this that I didn't discuss include the legal decision limiting the intelligence of potential police officers.

And part of this also includes things like this.

And after dissecting all that we ended up right back where we always seem to end up.

We talked a bit about vote machine hacking.

The problem with not hacking the machines is the problems are in the dark where apparently our politicans and other elected officals seem content to keep it.

If you never shine a light on the problem you can be free to pretend that everything is fine and everyone is deliriously happy.

And a bit about snoopers charters,encryption and the lack of transparency in the process of ensuring online encounters are safe.

A little about this video.

A whole lot about the dangers of overlong terms of service.

And we ended with Google's connecting your online shopping with your real life shopping and the privacy issues we face with that.

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July 24


Tonight we started with our CASAA update as usual.

But to begin we talked a bit about artistic folks and mental illness.

Not the most fun of topics but it seemed like it was germaine to the week as we had experienced it.

Then we moved right onto fish,no not fishing or catfishing as it were but the simplistic hacking of a fishtank which was vulnerable and the inherent weaknesses involved with connecting absolutely everything to the internet of things.

Then we discussed our old friend Elon Musk and his plan to get governors to preregulate artifical intelligence before it's too late.

To add to the robot weirdness this week we talked a bit about robots,chatbots and how you can or can't always tell who or what is human anymore.

Verey recommends this program to check and see if a five star review is real.

And then we started dissecting what happens when your face is scanned at the airport.

To take it in an entirely newer and creepier direction we talked about the army and the internet of things.

Then we dug deep into the Alpha Bay and Hansa takedown.

And we went onto discuss  the story of Alf Goransson.

And we ended by discussing the Deep State.


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July 3

AN-0212 Privacy-Good-Service- Liberty or Right?

Friday evening we started off with a focused lens on what privacy really is.

To start off we had the CASAA update and then got right into the thick of things.

We've talked quite often on this show about the little losses of liberty that happen daily,constant video and audio surveillance,facial recognition,traffic shaping and yet nothing quite gets to the heart of it.

But some things do come close to the heart of things for instance the TSA wanting to look at what books you're reading.

We did swing wildly off topic and cover the problems in Portland's water supply because it's a real problem and people deserve to know about it so they can take steps to protect themselves.

Once we covered the idea that there's something in the water we dove right into the working plan Australia has to ban working cryptography for the five eyes nations.

Then we got right into the heart of the problem if you value your privacy what is it worth to you and not just to you but to the telecom conglomerates who want to charge you heinous ammounts of money to”protect” it.

And then we chatted a bit about the employee who took some smart meters offline.

I  got pretty shocked over this WANANCRY story as well.

One topic I have always found interesting is the right to be forgotten.It's my inderstanding that it;s codified into their data protection laws. The reason I bring that up is the reputation fixers we have in America. They do a very unusual job in so many at times unethical and illegal ways.

But if you act badly do you have the right to be forgotten online?

And what about other countries what rights do they have when it comes to money and privacy?

We talked a bit about the ELSA vulnerability and the  CIA

But the endiing which just made me very sad was about why none of us are able to prove we've been spied upon by the NSA/



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June 25


The first hour was the CASAA podcast.

Tonight's Anti-Nanny portion of the program was full of stories about the government and it's differing agencies “protecting you”

The loss of all our privacy to the Surveillance Industrial Complex is just a side effect of all that comes next.

The first thing we touched on was the recent appearence by Edward Snowdon on Ron Paul's Liberty Report.I recommend watching the entire thing because he and Ron touched upon the Deep State giving it a real definition and a way to understand the things and decisions shaping our world today.

The reason why I mention the Deep State is because in my humble opinion those are the forces driving the goverenment/buisness surveillance of people in every country today.

What the government can't surveil easily they attempt to get companies to backdoor for them.

But once we shine some light in the dark places it looks as though at least some corporations are attemtping to help people protect themselves from the mass intrusion into the privacy and security of their computers and routers.

But as time has proven when you allow mission creep calling for security you somehow become even less secure, an excellent example is the recent facial recognition programs at airports.

As time goes on with things like the Wikileaks we start to hear more and more about the programs and computer manipulations by the CIA,FBI and NSA to name a few.

Those manipulations tell us nothing is scared or private up to and including your emails.

Many people don't feel as though the government is helping them or that the laws are upheld so they have no faith in anyone.I can't blame them for that but the ACLU is attempting to find out how so many of these things are allowed and that has to be hard work.

And although we focuse almost exclusively on America here it's far from the only country with the spying problem.Take Germany for instance what's happening there right now is horrifying.

I mentioned the ACLU before and their work to uncover various surveillance techniques by government but they are far from the only ones doing this work.EPIC is doing very good work to uncover many similar issues too.

At times the courts are making really good decisions to protect our rights.

A question before them now concerns the privacy of our data.

All this talk of the federal government surveilling us doesn't address the same issue with the local police but maybe we should.

We can cry and moan complain or meekly accept our fate to be watched or we can band together and make a noise loud enough that it can never be ignored.

In the end the decision really is ours.


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June 19

AN-0210-Big Data-Dystopian-Nightmare-Or Our New-Reality

We started off the evening with the traditional CASAA update.

The real fun began when we started dissecting big data.

Since the inception of collecting statistics we have started an era of tracking,epidemiologists use it to spot emerging diseases,governments to track benefits given to residents and large businesses to spot what is going to be a hot new product.

None of these things sounds creepy by itself but it changes when you shift your focus just a tiny bit everything changes.

Instead of looking at one thing head on we soften the lens and pull the camera back more and more until disturbing things come into focus.

the reality of how interconnected we are,how wrapped in the web of computers,phones,credit and debit cards and ubiquitous tracking programs is a state of the world today and it's not a very pleasant one.

But what is perhaps more disturbing is when all that data is tracked and somehow used against you,against your beliefs,your emotions and your logic and reason.

At some point you have to wonder with all of this information spread willingly by us are we giving up control of our lives and what exactly are we giving it to?

When an entire society loses control, over it's information,it's privacy,it's core structure of what it means to be human what then?

Who in this society watches the watchmen?

In this new society where information is currency what happens to the workers,to the precious privacy rights we so cherish?

We look at places that have had digital disruptions on a massive scale and think well at least it's not us,but it is us. Through the web if not the very laws of physics we are all connected now.

With all this data flowing through all the connected computers you just had to know A.I. would be involved,it learns everything from us.

When big data and A.I. meet,they mesh and become something greater than themselves but what do we become?


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