June 11

AN-0209-Surveillance-and You-A-Net-Effect

We started with a CASAA update.

Then Verey and I dove right into surveillance.

In America everyone seems to be having a hard time grasping the ultimate surveillance powers our president has but nobody seems to want to discuss how those powers were wielded by the previous administration.

We all know we're being watched on many fronts but what happens when that surveillance is something we invite into our own homes?What happens when we allow something to listen to every word,every song,monitor every purchase become something akin to a family member?What does that say about the comfort level we have with being under total surveillance?

As bad as government surveillance is  we assume there is some means to an end in it.But what about advertising surveillance?What about not just the watching and the like counting and the eye movement tracking but what if advertisements playing on t.v. could call you out by name?What if that were just the beginning of a whole new wave of watching and tracking?

Adults sort of grasp the implications of what being watched,being tracked being monitored does but do children?What kind of world is it when the school systems subject them to this sort of treatment every single day and there is no way to opt out?

What happens when after decades of this sort of treatment people are forced to confront the idea that there may be nothing left to hide?

With facial recognition software how do we protect children from being caught in the net swallowing not just our privacy but our very identity every single day?

Reporters are not immune from the dragnet capturing us all and at times the sheer volume of surveillance on them and their work is overwhelming and scary.

In the future where our economy becomes ever more tied to plastic and chips and less tied to the anonymity of cash what does the surveillance net look like?

What happens when restaurants,bars,movie theatres and public places we congregate track us not just as we enter but also at the point of purchase,following our eyes,capturing and tracking our behaviors for analysis?

Tracking for advertising purposes is surveillance and in Dublin that takes on a totally different meaning with no way to opt out.

The panopticon is all around us and we helped to build it,to bring it to fruition and it now takes on a life all it's own.

With nowhere to hide and no way out where do we go from here?


June 5

AN-0208-Biometrics :Technology Versus Privacy

As usual we started with a CASAA update.

Then we moved right into the different types of biometrics and how they are being used.

With more to come later.

We went right into how the Chaos Computer Club in Germany was able to break the biometrics iris scanner on the Galaxy S8.

This has to lead people to understand security and biometrics are not as unbreakable as we think they are.

But as we have talked about in the past biometrics are sure as hell invasive. (There is a story in that episode about facial recognition and fast food ordering.)

And because we talked a bit about types of biometrics we discussed a few more emerging types.

And since we already know about the bank spoofing from earlier we chatted about voice print harvesting.

Then how much money the military was expected to spend on biometrics in the future here's a hint it's a hell of a lot.

In a weird way it also ties into the next story about the government wanting a very easy to use form of biometrics mostly it seems to be facial recognition.

Oddly enough they are doing this search as a contest and the prize money is not very impressive for all the work this would entail.

Then we moved onto types of facial recognition and how they are evolving as a form of surveillance.

And then onto the newest thing your face and or fingerprint in leu of plane tickets.

What I found slightly disturbing is that the programs the airlines are running will be run in conjunction with government entities.

I never like that but I like it far less when they all seem to be teaming up together.This is the same government reading our emails and skype messages.

I'm not comfortable with that and never will be.

The we took a mother nature enforced lightning break.

But Verey and I eventually worked it all out and I came back to talk for a bit more about all of this technology and your rights.

There is a reason lawyers don't want you using a fingerprint to unlock your phone.

Then we talked about your fourth and fifth amendment rights and your phone.

Hint the fifth amendment only works if you strictly invoke it.


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May 28


As usual we started the night off with a CASAA update.

Since I couldn't do a show last week this one was a small wrap up of odd science stories I had noticed while reading lately.

As per usual we find that the angles reported don't match the truth entirely.

The first story we talked about was a disagreement on what physicists say science really is.

The part that I found most funny that to get to where we are now with things like CERN and physics we had to start with ideas.

All of those things are a part of science,and for a group of scientists to dismiss it out of hand is the sort of ignorance you don't expect to encounter these days.

Then we moved on to an article about the pretty pink problem in a Canadian water treatment facility. As usual the story is full of innacuracies and I butchered a name while reading it.

Then on to a topic I have followed and been interested in as far as history goes for many years. It seems there is a different way to study and understand the cycles of history using math and data called Cliodynamics.

I have followed an economist called Martin Armstrong for years who has an amazing way of analyzing data using computer learning that does some of this.

What I think we can conclude from much of this data and history cycles is that there is nothing new under the sun so man's behavior is predictable.

Then we talked about cats,crazy cat ladies,toxo and needing an evolutionary edge.

We then moved onto CERN,Brian Cox and ghosts.

And moved back into the world of physics as I noticed we often do with these sorts of shows,we discussed cold spots,the universe and the theory of the multiverse.

And a switch back to animals we discussed the tobacco control researcher's dog who is on the board of seven different medical journals.

And move right along to the penis paper.

Science is the one way we find strange connections and the one between PI and physics is no different.

And lastly we discussed bacteria and phase transitions as they apply to physics.

My deepest thanks and gratitude to Verey for making a live show possible.

I am as always grateful for his friendship and his wonderful producing skills.

I could not do Anti_Nanny without him.

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May 6


Tonight we started off with the usual CASAA update with Alex Clark.

Then Margo joined us and we talked about the state of life for children in the world today.

A revisit to the old nanny state and how it affects childhood.

When you examine the issue very deeply you being to find that children are NOT treated the same the world over as this story from the Netherlands proves.

What I find most surprising is that I see things happening in America to children that never seem to happen anywhere else at least not on as quite a large scale.

i don't remember our childhood's being like this.

I think the human rights violations of that last story alone are enough to  make the skin crawl.

But wait (as the old Oxy Clean ad's used to say) there's more.

I know that regular listeners might find that shocking but it really true.

And through the fourth amendment rights of children were violated in the first story the last one I linked about the autistic child were far more shocking.

Autism and autistic children don't fit into the neat little everyone is the same system we have in America in out public education system.

But I talk about violation of rights when I guess I should be asking what does overprotection in a school look like?

How about what it takes to overturn protectionist rules that harm children?

And I said individual rights have been violated they really have been ,although perhaps not on a scale quite this large.

And although many would think educating a child at home would protect them from this that simply isn't the case.

We briefly revisited the life of children in another country which has outright adult nannying and the rise of the bully state as well.

We pondered if it was possible to protect children from all harm

And even if it were why would how children are disciplined be anyone's business but the parents?


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April 22


Tonight we started with a CASAA update.

Then we moved onto a small bit of chatting about the Korean threat to California.

And then right on to the problems Canada has been having with Stingray surveillance.

The problems are far more numerous than you might think.

We kept on the same topic and the same place,Canada but this time we moved onto the airport.

You would not be surprised to learn we are still on the Canada topic here.

This one is on Canada and the police.

There is a real psychological impact on how we interact with the world and each other when the topic of surveillance is raised.

I talked a bit about Snowden and all the others involved in leaking the documents we are now so damn familiar with.

This sort of thing might not seem like big news and in so many ways it really isn't because we are so exposed to it.

In fact you have to wonder if we are overexposed to the topic.

I talked a bit off but on topic about the capabilities the government actually has,the surveillance community actually has to watch us and why I feel the fear of the federal government might be far more misplaced than the fear of the local police.

And what really is there we can do about all of this when the local police now have the same sorts of technology the surveillance community regularly uses?

I have never been an advocate for government in any way shape or form but it does really seem as though perhaps our only option is to lobby the local governments for protection from this.

It's a gross fourth amendment violation. 

And in the end we discuss the problems with connecting to 911 when an IMSI catcher is in use.


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April 15

AN 0202-Technological-Singularity-Merging-Minds

Tonight we started with Alex and a CASAA update.

Then Margo joined us for an almost two hour and thirty minute chat about the (Technological) Singularity.

It really wasn't an easy couple of hours as this first theme show focused on what happens when humanity becomes Obsolete.

First up was a story about how we don't really know what A.I. does.

And then we discussed how A.I. works in depth.

From there it was a short jump to what happens when a company's computer algorithms go wrong.

I was intrigued and repulsed by the idea of a neural lace and what could happen with such brain augmentation.

And then we moved right on to the technology Seal teams are testing.

We them got onto the first story I ever read about the Singularity.

And then emotional A.I. .

The part about emotional A.I. was something I first saw being discussed on the Davos website.

I find it funny all of the people involved in this sort of thing like the idea of global governance.

I mentioned the Facebook manifesto a bit.

I mentioned a video that was quite good about augmented technology.

And two on robots cooperating on surveillance of human beings.

And finally we talked about if merging with machines could stop the rise of the robots.

And from myself to the band Highly Suspect thanks for giving me the inspiration to talk about something I have long been interested in.

The video for My Name is human  is something…

I think the Singularity besides being life changing is something it seems like the older people fear and the younger embrace.

As I was told this a time where evolution is moving far too slow and now we create what we will become.

I'm not sure if the idea is good or bad but I do know it is unstoppable.


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April 8

AN-0201-Stingrays-Fourth amendment -Canadian-Mafia

We started tonight talking about automobile black box's and privacy concerns.

The use of language in higher education.

The way some companies bribe civil campaigners to see things their way.

Then Alex joined is for a CASAA update.

And after that Verey and I talked about the Canadian stingray fiasco.

A little on Tacoma's stingray lawsuit.

The work of GM and the Internet of Things.

And Brickerbot and Brickerbot 2

American spies and their own smartphone app.

Drones ,guns ands police.

The kinds and types of ALPR's.

A social media ban for sex offenders.

Environmentalism as religion?

A chunk on the first amendment.


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April 1

AN-0200 -Your-Privacy-Congress-The-Internet

We started off the evening with a CASAA update.

Then began talking about Qualified Immunity.

It's a dangerous precedent to set when cops can do anything and everything an innocent civilian does is criminal.

Then we moved right along to the DEA and civil asset forfeiture.

And then onto tonight's biggest topic and draw what Congress did by selling out your privacy protections to ISP‘s.

And since the topic is about what they will do what about what they are already planning to do?

But what about what you can do to confuse the issue?

Since the government refuses to protect you what can you do to protect yourself?

A few words on TOR.

And assorted tidbits like this gem from Virginia.

A bit on a book I really enjoyed recently The Writer with No Hands,

A bit on the riot vehicle causing a stir.

Windows Ten destroys people's computers lawsuit says.


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March 25

AN-0199-Right to Fix and John Deere

Tonight we started with a rousing CASAA update.

Then we moved onto the various problems of locking down products with firmware,software and user agreements.

The worst offender at least here in the United States is oddly enough John Deere.

The problems with John Deere is so bad farmers are buying cracked Ukrainian software to attempt to fix the problem.

And this is a problem if a device or a vehicle is locked down so only an authorized vendor can fix it that nullifies the idea that you own what you buy.

After that we moved on to talking about potential prosecutions of reporters for reporting on classified material.

Apparently those freedoms of the press are all up to the determination of the judicial branch,and while the Constitution seems clear on the protections given to the press it might not be clear to anyone at this point in time.

We then moved onto a topic I am not a huge fan of but since it is important to protect the rights of everyone that includes people who are unsavory characters.

H.L. Mencken talked about this is a manner which I'm sure everyone will understand “The trouble with fighting for human freedom is that one spends most of one's time defending scoundrels. For it is against scoundrels that oppressive laws are first aimed, and oppression must be stopped at the beginning if it is to be stopped at all.”

We discussed a man held without charges indefinitely and although people think it can't happen here it does and often enough that it makes news.

We went into a few of the problems with Google Nest.

I talked a bit about TOR and problems with it.

And began the discussion about the recent Supreme Court decision to grant cell phone users the same fourth amendment protections a person would have in their home.

This is a huge victory for privacy rights advocates.

And a bit about truth,lies,the media and the police.

Is it ever ethical to plant fake news stories?

We chatted for awhile about the U.K. government surveilling political activists.

And moved on to a topic I find rather interesting,lawful hacking and encryption.

It's all about privacy vs the need to stop crime or terrorism according to the government

Then onto the Internet of Things and how and if it should self regulate.


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March 18

AN-0198-TSA NSA FBI Shenanigans

Tonight we started with a rousing CASAA update.

Then the Anti_Nanny portion of the show took off in earnest.

Margo,Verey and I began talking about the new TSA “standardized patdowns”

Then we moved along to the reauthorization of the NSA programs/programs that spy on American citizens.

How many people do they regularly surveil and how invasive is section 702 of the FISA amendments which is set to expire soon?

Then Jeremy joined us and we talked about the recent studies in Holland showing how smart meters can inflate your electric bills by close to 600%.

Since these studies only included the meters made in Holland we don't really know what they do in America but there are more problems with them than we have touched on here.

And for fun we talked about how a fed up driver blocked a speeding camera in the U.K.

Then we started talking about the hacking victim from Ethiopia who sought refuge in America and was hacked by Ethiopia who places spyware on his computer and stole his emails and other personal information.

Sadly our  judges denied his ability to sue the government of Ethiopia.

Then we began speaking about the FBI and how it spies on journalists.

And how if you carry a phone the BSP might take it and demand it's unlocking. Is it legal? It's complicated.

We shared some outrage over the cancer survivor billed by the IRS for donations for medical care.

I talked a bit about the removal of the 20,000 UC Berkeley lectures from the Internet.

This is a tragedy for free knowledge and for people who love learning but can't afford to go to UC Berkeley.

I think if we adulted better and involved the government less as a rule we would be better off.

But surprisingly it had a happy ending.



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